Safety Tow Poles

TowMota Safety TowPoles
Safety Towpole (part no. ST20) introduced in 1975 and has been towing 

vehicles safely since then.
Our latest 'pivot' towpoles (part no. ST20P) are standard equipment of the AA and RAC in vehicle recovery.
There is no need to have a fixed distance between the tow ball on the recovery vehicle and the tow eye on the casualty vehicle.
The Safety Towpole comes with two quick change ends which are adjustable to miss spoilers. A hook end for towing eyes and a swivel joint end for chassis attachment, a quick fit spring hook attachment is available as an optional extra.
The ST20 and ST20P are Rated at 2000 kg.
The ST35 and ST35P are Rated at 3500kg
Towpoles ranging from 5 ton up to 44 ton are available. (Prices upon request).

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