One Man Towing

Solomatic 'A' Frames

The Solomatic one-man tow `A' frame has been nationally adopted by the AA, RAC and many others, it is made from high quality R.H.S. tubing with high tensile components and fully zinc electro-plated.
Folding simply and quickly to fit in the boot of any car the Solomatic one man tow 'A' Frame stays conveniently at hand for use in seconds.
Easily fitted by one man in 3-4 minutes the `A' frame connects to the lower wishbones or track control arms by a combination of high tensile chains and heavy duty webbing straps. It connects to the recovery vehicle with a 50mm ball coupling as standard or an eye type option is available at no extra cost.
Part no. SA25 is rated at 2500kg which is capable of towing cars and car-derived vans.
part no. SA35 is rated at 3500 for recovering transit size vans.
Part no. SA25B) is rated at 2500kg and has braking.
Safety straps, intermediate extension legs (to overcome the problem of towing cars with exceptionally long overhangs from the front axle to the front of the spoiler), lighting boards with extra length cable and fog light, lighting board straps, powder coating finish, are available as optional extras.

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