Motor Cycle Trailer Series 2

The ‘Foldaway’ Motor Cycle Trailer Series 2 One Man Operation

The Series 2 trailer is carried on board when not in use it will accommodate motor cycles up to superbike size and weight, and load them just as easily as a scooter.
The Series 2 trailer is slightly heavier than the series 1, but no components exceed the H & S guidelines of 25 kg .
It incorporates a front wheel ‘bump lock’ traversing cradle and forward mounted winch it is fitted with the larger 3.50x10 wheels and the payload is uprated to 500 kg. The front wheel of the ’bike is pushed into the cradle at ground level, secured and then the cradle and motor cycle are winched up the inclined runway which gently levels off and automatically locks. The trailer comes complete with Lighting board bracket and ratchet buckle tie-down straps and is powder coated.

Capacity: 500kg, Weight: 118kg