Compact Recovery Trailer

The CRT provides an answer to the problems associated with broken down vehicles which cannot be repaired at the roadside. The CRT when fitted within the rear of a typical medium sized repair van is hidden when not in use. It takes up little space and has minimal effect on the normal operations of the van click here to see the CRT in opperation in youtube.

The CRT is fitted with suspension as standard. This enables the CRT when used with the motor cycle carrier to operate as other than a towing implement and become a motor cycle recovery trailer. The CRT may also be fitted with an over run brake system designed to provide optimum braking with the lighter LCV's in mind, without effecting the superb handling characteristics of the CRT.

All CRT's come complete with a one piece receiver system - with a powered winch mounted, with a fitted 'wander lead', - power driver - two lightweight ramps - spare wheel - two pairs of special wheel cradle straps - winch loading sling - signs for inside doors and guidance booklet in the use, operation and maintenance.

Overall length: 2.100m, Minimum track width: 700mm, Maximum track width: 1.800m

Laden capacity
Max. weight of recovered vehicle: 2000kg. Maximum axle load on trailer: 1000kg. Trailer weight :155kg

Fitted as standard Wheel rim: 3.00 - 8. sturdy split rim Tyre: Duro 5.00 - 8 10 ply rating.

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