Vehicle restraint straps

The Standard System 90 assembly is made up of 50 mm wide heavy duty polyester webbing with a 4 metre working length and a flat snap hook. The specification includes a "spreader strap" and a short handled ratchet buckle with a short fixed strap and flat snap hook. Other end fittings may be fitted to suit any type of transporter bed.

Steering wheel lock straps

Steering wheel "lock straps" for use with car "ambulances", car dollies and spec. lifts. The straps are necessary o keep the front wheels of the casualty vehicle straight.

Lighting board straps

Used in conjunction with two standard foam pads inserted behind the straps. The adjustable straps with cam buckles and nylon coated flat hooks ensure the lighting board can be positioned and held snugly just where it is required without any movement. Price includes 2 straps.


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